1. Only in New York?

    I ate a giant pickle from Chelsea Market in Stuyvesant Square,

    And now I have two mosquito bites on my right calf.

  2. A Manhattan and a Coney Island sunburn (at The Standard, High Line)

  3. Celebrating the Fourth of July at the Brooklyn Museum

  4. Photo by Alycia “Boots” Rockey


    Ai’s (Weiwei) art (at Brooklyn Museum of Art)

  5. Angela in Ireland in Manhattan (at Irish Hunger Memorial)

  6. Midnight snack (at The Donut Pub)

  7. Fave photo of Trangey’s visit to NYC. 


    candid capture (at The Frying Pan - NYC)

  8. Lunch Break at Bryant Park — Photo by G.


    IL on Flickr.


  9. Summer in the City

    Brooklyn-bound B train,
    Sweat dripping down my neck and the back-of-my-thighs,
    And the old man’s hands next to me remind me of my grandma.

  10. Reppin’ that USMNT (at Grant Park, Chicago)